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Top 10 Things to Consider When Choosing a Case Management System (CMS)

 In the current competitive era, every business enterprise and organization working in any part of the world wants to stand far ahead of its competitors. Not only this but making huge profits and earning the customer's satisfaction has become a part of their business goals. Strategic business decisions, productive work environment, efficient and skilled employees, out-of-the-box product/service offering and competitive pricing are some of the key requirements of running a profitable business firm.

With the introduction of new innovative technologies and software products, business enterprises have got an opportunity to automate various day-to-day business processes, which earlier required other resources to operate. A Case Management System (often known as Help Desk Software) is one such software that has automated the complete process of resolving a customer's complaint or service request, accurately and efficiently.

Nowadays, it has become a kind of necessity for business enterprises (offering products or services) to deploy a case management software at their help desk for providing 'end-to-end' customer support & assistance. It not only helps them in brand management, but also in maintaining strong customer relationships.

So, if you are planning to deploy a case management software at your business organization's help desk, below discussed are the Top 10 Things to consider when choosing a Case Management System or a Help Desk software -

# 1


This is the first aspect, you need to think upon. You need to set the total budget to be spent upon purchasing and deploying the CMS at your help desk. Nowadays, there are various types of case management softwares available around, ranging between $0 to $1000. With the price gap, their features and capabilities also differ from each other.

# 2


Now comes security, this is the second most important aspect, which you need to think upon. It is very important that your case management system is highly secure again all potential threats. Since, it stores huge volumes of confidential customer's database, it must be supported with high-end security features.

# 3

E-Mail Compatibility

You need to check up on the email compatibility of the case management system with different mail servers. It is very important that your CMS allows receiving mails from major mail platforms, for offering enhanced customer support. And if your business enterprise uses the Microsoft Exchange mail server, you need to think twice as only a few of advanced case management systems support MS Exchange.

# 4


Nowadays, there are various types of help desk softwares available around, featuring various advanced tools and innovative features, each helpful in different ways. You need to carefully study the requirements and needs of your service desk, and then choose a CMS, offering the most suitable features, which best addresses all your service desk challenges.

# 5

Customization Options

Every businesses' service desk has its individual requirements and needs, based upon the nature of business and the target market. Hence, the case management system should allow easy customization, as per the company's requirement. For example, it should allow ticket or dashboard customization, depending upon the company's individual need.

# 6


You need to check out whether the CMS software allows future upgradation or expansion options in the future or not. Let's understand this with an example. Suppose you choose a CMS, which feature multiple-user compatibility with only 10 users together, currently good enough as per your service desk's strength. But in future, if you need to add more users, it won't allow you and would be of no use then. Hence, you must choose a CMS software which allows upgradation or capability expansion in future.

# 7


An advanced case management software can be hosted, on-premise or on a cloud as well. You need to make a choice, which you want to choose for your service desk. However, cloud hosting is considered better than on-premise hosting, since there in no chance of data loss or corruption with all ticketing database stored on the cloud.

# 8

Report Generation

Some of the case management softwares allow its user to generate instant reports for various kinds of activities made during a certain period of time. You need to check whether the CMS software allows report generation in your preferred format or not.

# 9

Software Training

It is very important that you and your help desk team carefully understands all the features, operational tools and working of a CMS software post its deployment. Some of the case management systems offer complete software training and support post their deployment, which is very beneficial especially for the customer care representatives. Hence, check whether the CMS offers software training or not, before making the final decision.

# 10

Market Reputation

Last but not the least, you need to check with the market reputation of a case management system software, before deploying it at your help desk's working base. Check with online forums, comparison blogs, expert consultants, your friends and colleagues before making a final decision. Some online platforms have the full hands-on and in-depth review of such softwares, which would be helpful for you in choosing the best help desk software.

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UAE - A Rich Traditional Tapestry

UAE is predominantly an Islamic country. As a result, the local customs and traditions are reflective of and influenced by Islam.

People: The virtues of courteousness and politeness are valued in the UAE customs. The people are generally very hospitable. At the end of a get-together, rose water is sprinkled on guests and special incense is burnt.

Food: Houses in the emirates generally have two reception rooms (called "majlis") - one for men and the other for women. At the time of Eid, a particular seating arrangement is adhered to which is based on hierarchical order. Eating with the right hand is expected when you're dining with a native. A kind of sugarless coffee is an essential part of the customs of the land. Water-pipes flavored with tobacco known as "shisha" are smoked all over the land.

Dress: Women in the region wear a long black dress called "abaya" over normal garments. They also wear a scarf in public places. The traditional dress for men is "dishdasha" or "khandura" - a long white robe along with a headgear known as "gutra".

Weddings: Weddings are special affairs in the region as in any other part of the world. The bride is expected to stay at home for at least forty days before the wedding. Her hands and feet are adorned with henna before marriage and there are traditional songs and dance by family members.

UAE is all this and more when it comes to tradition. But despite its rich cultural tapestry, the fact remains that the society stands for progress and development. It seeks to further the best of its heritage at the same time welcoming people of diverse cultures with open arms!

Dubai: Customs and Traditions

 Customs and traditions in Dubai reflect the essence of Islam, the primary religion within the UAE. The growth and development in recent years has made Dubai a distinctive blend of old and new. Despite the progression of Dubai, this city successfully maintains its heritage and culture, traditions and customs.

Some Dubai customs and traditions include:

• In Dubai, when hosts greet visitors, courtesy is a vital trait that should be followed by both parties. Local Emiratis greet each other by touching their noses together.

• Eid ul-Fitr is an annual festival celebrated in Dubai immediately after the month-long fasting for Ramadan. During the festival, families and friends get together every evening to celebrate with each other with enormous feasts that can take hours and hours to prepare for.

• Weddings in Dubai entail sophisticated preparations, especially for the brides side of the family. From the day the wedding ceremony is announced, only the bride's close family members are permitted to see her for forty days till the day of the marriage ceremony. The custom is to wash the bride's hair with amber and jasmine extracts leading up to the day of the marriage ceremony. Ahead of the wedding ceremony, the "ladies only night" or Laylat Al Henna is celebrated wherever the fingers and feet from the bride and is also elaborately adorned with henna. Preparation for the groom pales compared to what the bride is required to do.

• Emiratis do not drink alcohol in accordance with their Muslim religion; however, Dubai does cater for the international expat community in that most hotels in Dubai do serve alcohol. It is important to note though that alcohol is prohibited to be drunk in public.

Shisha pipes are the local water pipes that locals delight in smoking in selected cafes and dining establishments. A variety of flavored tobacco such as strawberry and apple is used in these pipes.

• In Dubai, men wear a dishdasha or Chandra, a white shirt gown as well as a red checkered or white head gown acknowledged as gutra. Classic dress for females consists of a long black robe known as an abaya that goes over the top of their normal apparel. In public, local women are required to wear a headscarf.

Dubai is very tolerant to the international community and is very much an open society. The growth and development of Dubai in recent years has resulted in a huge number of inbound Expatriates from other countries. The m ix of cultures from people from so many different nationalities has been welcomed by local "Emiratis" on the whole. In return, it is very important that residents from other cultures respect the local culture, traditions and customs of this country.

Luxurious Comfort Shoes for All Walks of Life

 Three out of four Americans experience foot pain at some time point in their lives. Though most problems are merely annoying, if they go untreated, a chronic condition can lead to severe foot pain. These ailments may inhibit a person's ability to perambulate and may even require a replacement walking device, such as a wheelchair or a motorized scooter. What is the cause of this pain?

Believe it or not, most foot pain is caused by uncomfortable shoes. Go figure. Humans have been wearing some type of foot covering for over five million years and we still haven't gotten it right. Did you know that chronic foot pain is far more common in women than in men? Why is this?

Once again, it has to do with the shoes. Women are more likely to slip into shoes that put their feet in unnatural positions. For example, the average high-heeled shoe puts an incredible amount of pressure on the toes and causes minor foot injuries like calluses, blisters, and corns at a much higher rate than regular shoes.

Is there a happy medium?

Everyone wants a shoe that is both stylish and comfortable, but the two rarely go hand in hand. However, it is possible to find a pair that won't hurt your feet.

High Heels

Heels are a must for any fashion-conscience woman who wants to looks her best on a special occasion. The only problem, as we have mentioned, is that they are hard on the feet. Therefore, it is best to only wear them a few times a month. Trust us: no matter how comfortable they are, heels are not good for the feet.

As a general rule, platform heels are more comfortable than the pointy heels because they absorb more of the force of each step and thusly relieve the pressure that is put on the toes. Labels like Choos, Manolos, and Nine West are well known for seamlessly blending style and comfort. Remember, the smaller the heel and the pointer the toe, the more pressure the shoe will put on your foot.


In spite of the prevalence of foot injuries caused by uncomfortable shoes, there are only a handful of brands that actually target people with foot problems. Of course, this does not mean that you have to have bad feet to wear these brands. In fact, studies show that wearing comfortable shoes is the best and most reliable way to prevent chronic foot injuries. With that in mind, let us take a look at some of the top foot care brands that combine style with orthotics.


Like many specialty shoemakers, Dansko gained a loyal following by offering stylish shoes that were also incredibly comfortable. Their Danish clogs, sandals, boots, and shoes are designed for people of all ages. The styles are simple, but have a distinctive European flair.


The shoes and sandals produced by this German company have been a favorite of people with alternative lifestyles since the 1960s. We are speaking, of course, about hippies. They were the first folks to buy Birkenstocks. And there was a reason for this. In spite of the laid-back attitudes of their target audience, Birkenstock developed incredibly advanced shoes. The raised toe bars, deep heel cups and arches distributed weight evenly, which resulted in less force and pressure with every step.


Another Danish shoemaker, Ecco offers trendy footwear with a focus on comfort. Most of their lines compete in the outdoor or sports categories. They are internationally known for their golf shoes and casual footwear. They also manufacture a line of business shoes for men and women. Kid's sizes are available.

New Balance

Founded in New England, New Balance started out as a specialty maker of orthopedic shoes. Though they achieved incredible success with their athletic footwear, the company has never forgotten its root. To this day, New Balance offers shoes in a wide range of sizes and widths. Of course, their most popular lines are sport specific. Running, walking, basketball, tennis, and cross training shoes are offered in men and women's styles and sizes. In recent years, New Balance has expanded into and done quite well in the children's athletic shoe segment.

Clarks England

A relatively young company, Clarks England was founded in 1965 on a simple design for a moccasin-style shoe built for comfort and flexibility. Since that time, the brand has expanded its line to include sandals, clogs, boots, and business casual shoes. Clarks England offers comfortable shoes in men and women's sizes and styles.

Easy Spirit

Since its inception, Easy Spirit has been focuses on the foot issues of women. The popular shoemaker offers a wide array of footwear from high heels to sandals to boots and flats. Most of their shoes are business casual and are fitted with small heels that never rise above two inches.

Calethy is an edgy shoe shop designed for young, cool, trendy individuals. There is an international design studio in Hong Kong, Calethy mainly targets Europe, America, Australia, and Southeast Asia along with other consumer markets. We sell all kinds of shoes with professional after-sales service, honest service and fast express delivery.

Ideas For Erotic Dating Online

 Perhaps you might have tried dating individuals you met. You may perhaps have met them at church, a grocery store, function or an additional spot. Immediately after a day or two you understand this man or woman isn't for you. You wonder why it can be so difficult to come across someone that you just truly can communicate with, the couple have some on the very same interests at the same time as the very same targets in lifetime. You wonder if you're being as well choosey? You even commence to doubt yourself and believe that perhaps it can be you who is inside wrong.

A wonderful idea would be to try Erotic dating on the net. erotic dating on the net doesn't have the stigma it utilized to. Any sort of on the net dating individuals utilized to believe basically was for losers. Not anymore. Erotic dating on the net is ideal as it is going to match you up with someone that fits your personality. Erotic dating websites will conserve you plenty of time searching for Mr. Correct or Mrs. Correct. Correct away you may be matched up with somebody that has the very same targets in lifetime as you do. You possibly can quit wasting your time and commence your new lifetime.

Whenever you use an Erotic dating web site you possibly can commence out slow should you so select. Very first send out a message on the man or woman or persons you're interested in obtaining to learn greater. After the couple correspond having a number of e-mails, you may perhaps select to discuss instantly via chat. In the event the couple are hitting it off, you may perhaps desire to add the dimension of the webcams. This way the couple can chat and see every single other's facial expressions. It makes it far more enjoyment if you see every single other laugh, make faces and smile. After you definitely know the couple like every single other, you may perhaps get brave and blow a kiss at every single other.

Immediately after a number of webcam chats the couple may perhaps desire to set up a day. Preferably meet in a public spot. If you're an Erotic girl dating you may perhaps desire to ask an additional couple to arrive along if that makes you really feel far more secure and confident. Also, the couple may perhaps want an additional couple along so they, as well, can add on the conversation.

Some areas you may perhaps select to meet to your Erotic day consist of a restaurant. A restaurant may be the ideal public spot to share conversation and consume a delicious meal. You each may perhaps commence out having a beverage prior to your meal comes. The couple may perhaps have planned to consume at an Italian Restaurant, Chinese Restaurant, UK Restaurant, American Restaurant, Chinese Restaurant, etc. Afterwards, the couple can appreciate a cup of tea or coffee and keep on your conversation in your Erotic day.

Yet another spot to select to your Erotic day is often a café or coffee shop. This way the couple tend not to need to remain long if in man or woman you tend not to believe the couple will keep on dating. You possibly can simply part approaches and remain friends should you so select. Although in your Erotic day the couple may perhaps have sparks fly and desire to keep on your day having a stroll inside city. When meeting for your 1st time, it can be wise to remain in public areas.

In the event the couple appreciate sports, you may perhaps meet at a sporting event. This will give you the chance to discuss to every single other and root for your team of the selection. When you each like the very same team for a sporting event wonderful, if not it is going to bring on an additional dimension of enjoyment to playfully tease every single other about every single other's team.

When you live in an area where you possibly can horseback ride, this may be an enjoyable day. The couple can relax with every single other's corporation and all on the stunning nature that surrounds the couple. Immediately after the horseback riding, you may perhaps desire to surprise him or her having a picnic. You possibly can simply pack a bottle of wine, water, a bucket of chicken from a restaurant, some fresh vegetables, potato chips, strawberries and whip cream, napkins, paper plates and a soft blanket. This can be a really romantic Erotic day for your couple that is certainly certain to impress the other man or woman while using function you went via to prepare this at the same time as your thoughtfulness.

In the event the couple are active individuals, than you could strategy a day roller skating or roller blading. The couple can discuss, hold hands and get some enjoyment exercise at the very same time. Most individuals roller skated or roller bladed as kids and/or teenagers. This can be generally a enjoyment method to bring back fond memories. You may perhaps be shaky in your roller skates or roller blades at 1st, but it is going to arrive back to you in no time. You possibly can strategy this indoors or outdoors to your Erotic day.

Yet another sporty day includes wall climbing. You will discover plenty of indoor areas that provide wall climbing that is certainly like rock climbing. The couple can climb at the very same time whilst somebody else holds the harness whilst you each climb. Or you may perhaps desire to go one at a time and support every single other while using harness so that you just every single are secure.

When on the net Erotic dating tend not to select to go to a movie, a concert, or any spot that is certainly as well loud. Immediately after a number of dates, these areas will probably be fantastic areas to go as soon as the couple knows every single other greater. You tend not to desire to be stuck on an Erotic day and you can't even discuss it every single other. You each must desire to get to learn every single other greater.

There are numerous phenomenal areas to take your day so the couple can discuss and even add a small flirting to the mix. With Erotic web dating, you possibly can conserve time finding the man or woman of the dreams. Begin your new life together at this really moment.

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Most men have doubts and perplexities as to whether to try or not. There is actually nothing to be afraid of. The erotic telephonists you will find at our porn numbers will do everything to put you at ease.

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The Myth Of Website Optimization

 Why website optimization is a scam compared to SEO

In a growing internet advertising market, there are too many businesses that are paying for services that will not bring in any new customers. You might say to yourself, why would anyone pay out their hard-earned money for something that would not bring in revenue or that has a 0 ROI? The simple answer: most people still lack the knowledge of how internet marketing works. If this is you, it is not your fault. You should be able to focus on what your business does, not become an expert in marketing as well. Website design companies are to blame.

Whether you are a new business or one that has been around for a while, you need to become relevant on the internet in order to maximize your earning potential. Right now you are thinking, "How do I do that?", or "How do I know what/who to believe anymore?", or "They all tell me the same thing, they are going to get me on the front page of Google". Hopefully, this article will enlighten you on those questions.

First of all, there is a huge difference between website optimization and search engine optimization. Most people hear the word "optimization" and they assume it is all the same thing. It is most certainly not. Website Optimization is creating good content, meta tags, and relevant keywords in your website. It does not include link building or activity, the two things you absolutely need in order to become relevant on the internet. Search Engine Optimization combines website optimization with link building and activity as the 3 main ingredients to become relevant online are content, link building, and activity.

So here is the problem: You are looking to become relevant on the internet and the first thing you need is a website. So, you contact a website design company and they charge you x amount of dollars for a website. Then, they charge you a monthly fee for 'website optimization'. I have seen this monthly fee anywhere from 60 dollars to 600 dollars a month. This is where you are wasting your precious advertising dollars. Or they claim to do the website for "Free", and you pay a monthly charge for as long as you have your website. So even if its say $50 a month, and you are in business for 5 years, how much did you actually pay for your website? $3000! That's money that you should have been able to use for advertising and marketing. In my many years of advertising and marketing experience, your website should be 100% optimized when the website is complete and goes live. There is no reason at all for you to pay to optimize a website after that. It coincides with the old adage "if you are going to do something, do it right the first time". If you need to update your content or want to add to your website, this is not website optimization and you should not be charged to make those minor changes to your website. The reason these website companies charge a monthly fee is simple: because most people don't know any better. They charge you these fees because the reality is that once your website is finished, you really don't need them anymore, therefore, these companies won't be able to generate continual revenue. So they tell you that you pay for website optimization on a monthly basis, which basically means you are paying them to do absolutely nothing. How many of you reading this have done this and 3, 6, 9 months, or years later(hopefully not) are still not on the front page? Exactly.

If you pay for services like that and you are not relevant on the internet, they call that a scam. By definition, a scam is to swindle (someone) by means of a trick. Everyone has heard of Search Engine Optimization, the keyword being optimization. So website design companies trick you by using the word 'optimization', and most people think that will get them relevant on the internet. Hopefully, at this point, you now understand the difference between website optimization and search engine optimization. I am not saying that you don't need to optimize your website at all, what I am saying is that once your website is optimized, you don't need to keep optimizing your website. It should have been done right the first time.

I have done websites for clients and made sure they were optimized 100% when they went live and then focused on search engine optimization and search engine marketing to get them on the front page and never touched the website again, except to make minor updates or changes. Those clients are on the front page and stayed on the front page because I focused on SEO and did the website optimization right the first time. And no, I don't charge these clients a monthly fee for website optimization because I did it already, so why am I going to continue charging for something that is already done? I don't.

In conclusion, website design companies are engaged in improper business practices with your hard-earned dollars because they are charging customers a monthly fee for something that should have already been done when your website went live. If you are one of those companies paying a monthly fee for website optimization, I hope you stop now and use those funds for search engine optimization and marketing because that is the only way you will ever get a return on your investment. As Nancy Reagan famously said, "Just Say No"! Its time that people were made aware of these business practices so they are not wasting money that could be used to help bring in business, rather than paying something for nothing.

Mobile Device Marketing For Authors

 Mobile marketing is here to stay, and authors had better begin to learn about what that means and how they can benefit from it. Gone are the days when all it took was to write a book and then have a publicist do the marketing for you.

Instead, we all have to understand the dynamics of a changing and diverse medium marketing is becoming. I am aware that many authors are still trying to get a grip on the internet and what that means to your publishing business. I will simply confirm to you with this article that the game has changed with the introduction of mobile device marketing.

Don't think just because your book is on Kindle you have this portable media thing under control. Not on your life my friend. Let's begin to understand what this really means to the world and them how that translates to you.

Here are some figures for you to ponder;

Four out of five teens carry a wireless device, and the majority (57%) view their cell phone as the key to their social life

The global mobile advertising market will be valued at over $16 billion by 2011

Cell phones subscriptions will top 5 billion globally before 2011

250+ million Americans carry mobile phones-over 80% of the nation's population

All the above means is that more and more people are going mobile. With newer and more capable devices and what really turned me on to the whole concept of the game-changing is when you take a moment to think about the fact that as of just 2 -3 years ago nearly 100% of those who engaged with you online used desktops or laptops to do so.

Not anymore, instead they will be using, iPads, Androids, iPhones, tablets, touchpads, and evermore changing and highly adaptable contraptions yet to be released or devised. The summary of all this is that to keep ahead of the technology curve and understanding how your customer will find you. Engage with you and ultimately buy from you has changed.

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Tips To Choose The Right Spa Beauty Treatments

 Would you love it if your body is wrapped in aromatic flower petals or even dark chocolate? Want your body scrubbed with powdered exotic pearls or soothing jade stones? Mmm... you seriously deserve such pampering! Know more about spa beauty treatments and plan a spa visit right after reading this.

Thanks to their tremendous beautifying and rejuvenating power, spa treatments have become an integral part of beauty regime. Home spa treatments are more popular because they save you the headache of driving to the city spa and can be less expensive. You can refresh yourselves in the privacy and comfort of your home.

However, before you rush to the nearest spa or try a home treatment, you must know certain things to reap the maximum benefit of spa beauty treatments.

From Massage To Meditation - What To Choose?

The popular spa beauty treatments include various types of massages, facials, body wraps, waxing, exfoliation, steam baths, saunas, mud bath, hot spring, aromatherapy, essential oil treatment, yoga, meditation, and dietary consultation.

Based on the ancient saying that a healthy body and mind exudes natural beauty, the modern spas combine beauty treatments with healthy routine to energize your body and mind.

Simply applying make up on the surface of the skin is not enough. Now, you can manage to conceal your blemishes and other flaws through dabs of foundation and concealer; but you still need beauty within to get real beauty outside. Besides, applying thick layers of makeup does not give you the fresh look that millions of women long for.

That's the reason why you must get your healthy juices flowing right in order to get the glow of beauty. Spas offer a plethora of choices in day spa treatments when it comes to beautifying the insides of your body. Examples are colon cleansing for detoxification, acupressure, meditation, yoga, aromatherapy, therapeutic massages, treatments with herbs, muds, and other natural elements, hot and cold baths, and dietary solutions.

5 Things To Watch Out For While Choosing A Spa

The hygiene factor - you must observe the beauty products used by the therapists, the robes, mats, and other equipment used for treatments, plus, the quality of water used.

The presence of licensed practitioners for treatments involving energy points of the body and other therapies based on medical science.

The presence of trained professionals for beauty treatments ranging from simple waxing and massaging to exfoliation and make-up application. Everything should be done by trained hands.

The behavior of professionals and other staff at the spa.

The safety measures deployed.

Besides, you must ascertain the time you can afford to spend in the spa as well as the dollars. Accordingly, the professionals can advise you on the treatment. For example, if you have only 15 minutes to spare, yet wish a rejuvenation treatment, the experts can help you choose from a range of quick spa beauty treatments. If you can spend half a day, you can choose a step-by-step rejuvenation procedure that includes all necessary treatments.

The SW BeautyBar would like to make access to aesthetic medicine such as botox injections, fillers, lip injections, etc. more modern, uninhibited and accessible to everyone.

Live in Style With a 3 Seater Sofa

 A 3 seater sofa is becoming popular because more people prefer furniture that is cheaper and smaller yet still maintains all the conveniences its bigger counterparts have. In general, such sofas are 200 - 250 centimeters in width and about 100 centimeters in depth. Prices vary depending on the materials used, which can be fabric, microfiber, leather, or rattan.

These sofas are categorized between sofa beds and regular sofa. Sofa beds have double functionality; they can be converted into beds whenever the situation deems it necessary. On the other hand, regular sofas are made up of two to three cushions that can easily accommodate three persons.

Recent innovative designs also include motion sofas that can be adjusted to provide optimum comfort to the user no matter what he/she does.

Considered as an investment, make sure that the 3 seater sofa purchased is durable. A 3 seater sofa cover is also available as a more practical means of ensuring that the furniture's design always matches your home's interior regardless of the changes you've made. The cover comes in various light or heavily pigmented colors and patterns on cotton, damask, stretch denim, twill, and chenille.

However, one must not use sofa covers as reasons for not maintaining the 3 seater sofa. Maintaining a sofa that looks new every day is easier thought than done. It requires a keen eye for details and as well as patience for daily cleaning routines.

Position your sofa away from the direct line of the sunlight. Constant exposure to the sun's rays and/or fire hastens color fading.

Clean spills at once, especially if they are sure to stain over time.

It's better to clean every day than wait for the dust to accumulate before doing so. Regular cleaning takes off layers of dirt easily and with less time. Doing otherwise would make the dirt stick and the required cleaning time longer.

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Select a Native Plant Nursery With Best Practices

 Not all native plant nurseries are operated equal in terms of best practices in social responsibility including a strong sense of responsibility for environmental protection. Keep in mind that as a consumer, you also have the responsibility of patronizing nurseries with best practices in nursery management as part of your own social responsibility. When you demand it of your local plant nursery, you are reinforcing a culture of best practices, too.

What are the aspects of best practices that you can ask from your native plant nursery as a consumer? Here are a few examples.

First, the irrigation water should be regularly tested to ensure that it is, indeed, free from pathogens. This is applicable for nurseries that use open irrigation water sources (i.e., lakes and ponds) or blend surface and well water sources. Ask the staff about their basic procedures for chlorination, ozonation and filtration, among others.

Second, the plant nursery should have proper sanitation measures in place to ensure that pathogens are significantly minimized in the areas where the plants are being cultivated. Even a walkabout the nursery will provide clues as to the sanitation measures implemented by the management. It is also important to determine that the mist beds, cutting benches and sorting area, among other tools used in cultivation, are disinfected after every crop rotation for this purpose.

Third, the native plants are not removed in large batches from the wild; otherwise, the native population will be severely depleted. Most reliable plant nurseries will secure a few cuttings from the wild and then propagate the cuttings in their facilities. You should inquire about their approach to transplantation from the wild to their facilities just to be on the safe side.

Fourth, the staff members of the plant nursery should be well-informed about the best practices in the facilities. You should be able to ask them relevant questions about such practices and then you should be provided with satisfactory answers - or at the very least, referred to more experienced supervisors. Your warning bells should be loudly ringing if and when the staff cannot provide satisfactory answers to routine questions about native plant handling. It's imperative that persons taking care of the plants are knowledgeable of what they are doing.

Koniferengarten is a small specialty nursery from Hungary whose plants you can now purchase online via our German website. In recent years we have specialized in very rare and primarily naturally occurring species of conifers from all parts of the world. In addition, we can offer you a large selection of unique and beautiful dwarf conifers, but also numerous horticultural varieties. We will try to constantly expand our range and our own collection with new types and shapes. You can order the plants you want from our new webshop anywhere in the world. If necessary, we can also take care of a phytosanitary certificate or the customs clearance of your shipment.

Konifergarten has been devoting itself to the protection and preservation of extremely rare species and forms of conifers for many years. We not only support the protection of threatened species in their natural habitats, but we would also like to actively contribute to the preservation of biodiversity with our work. Even if the protection of the natural habitat must always come first, some species and forms in their natural habitat are so strongly threatened by human or natural influences that their survival cannot be ensured without far-reaching measures. The horticultural culture of these botanical treasures is another important way of preserving biodiversity. We are the many conifer collectors,

Conifers Garden is a small Hungarian online tree nursery, specializing in naturally occurring rare conifers species. We primarily focus on rare conifers from all over the world, but we also readily provide uniquely beautiful dwarf and other horticultural varieties. You can order your favorite product worldwide with the help of our online shop, we are constantly expanding our collection and catalog of conifers from many parts of the world. We undertake to send and fulfill your order anywhere in the world and we also take care of the necessary phytosanitary permits and the customs clearance.

Conifers Garden pays special attention to the protection of rare conifer species. Besides ensuring the protection of species at their natural habitat, with our activity, we would like to support the conservation of rare species and endorse biodiversity.  We are firm believers in the principle of conservation through cultivation. Although this is only ever the second-best option, realistically many plants are so rare and their natural habitats so endangered that they are unlikely to survive on their own. We are indebted to the conifer collectors, botanists, and botanic gardens, who helped us to have a unique collection and offer in the world.